Update April 18, 2020 7:45pm


    Foodie Village and Event City continues to closely monitor the spread of COVID-19, Corona Virus. In keeping with our core principles, Foodie Village and Event City continues to strive to do the right thing for our staff, partners, and the community at large. We assure you that our business continuity plans are well thought out and the changes we continue to make are to keep our teams, customers and community safe, clean, healthy and comfortable during these tumultuous times. Our plans are to continue elaborating on our Digital Platform to help support our Retailers, Restaurants, Mobile Food Vendors, Grocery, Hardware and other Business Partners. We will support you, our colleagues, customers, and our community any way we can.


    Based on the specific counties and the State of California, we have suspended any live events until the public health agencies consider it safe to resume. We have been deemed as an ESSENTIAL BUSINESS along with our Farmer's Market Partnerships and will continue to present our services at the various locations listed here within our website. We are only promoting live events taking place after June 1st 2020 when the threat is expected to be contained. We are also sponsoring Live Online Events and Virtual Conferences and Summits within the Events & Creative Industries.


    Foodie Village and Event City’s senior leadership team continues to speak and meet virtually multiple times a day, is actively monitoring the situation, and will advise of any changes that may impact you or your business. We understand this is a tough environment and appreciate your continued partnership to achieve our mutual business objectives.

    We hope everyone uses precautions to stay healthy - wash hands constantly, use soap and warm water when available for at least 30 seconds, drink plenty of liquids especially water, and follow the guidelines for your region. Please check back here for future updates.


    Nolan Apostle
    Chief Executive Officer


  • Foodie Village Events

    Foster City

    Wednesdays and Saturdays

    With room for expansion

    Foodie Village is partnering with Farmers Markets to bring you a unique hybrid of choices - food, produce and other essential goods.


    Saturday, June 13

    We're planning future events now

    Foodie Village is co-producing the Bounce Back Event in Calaveras Co., with Copperopolis hosting a series of events. For more information contact us here.

    Niles Fremont


    With room for expansion

    Rose Garden San Jose



    Brisbane CA



    Milpitas CA


    With room for expansion

    Coming soon to a popular location.




    Concord CA

    Multi Day Location

    Brightening the community of Concord during tough times

    Coming Soon to a Popular Location. Sign up for hot deals and grand opening info!

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    Upcoming events for Foodie Village


    Foster City - Every Wednesday and Saturday


    Niles Fremont - Every Saturday


    Rose Garden San Jose - Every Saturday


    Brisbane CA - Every Thursday


    Milpitas CA - Coming Soon Every Saturday


    Cupertino - Sundays


    Concord CA - Multiday Location



    Copperopolis - Bounce Back Event

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